Alev Sızdırmaz Elektrik Malzemeleri ve Aydınlatma Armatürleri

Electrical Hazerdous Area Equipment

Equipment and Protective systems intended for use in Potentially Explosive
Atmospheres (ATEX) Directive 94/9/EC is so - called "New Appoach" Directive which provides the technical requirements to be applied to equipment intended for use potentially explosive atmospheres.The Directive has been mandatory  from 1 st July 2003; it is named after the French "ATmosphere EXplosible".
Manufacturers who apply is provisions and affix CE marking are able to sell their aquipment anywhere in Europe without any further requirements being applied with respect to the risks covered applied.In effect this means access to the largest Single Market in the world, including over 450 million citizens.

The Directive covers a suprising large range of equipment, potantially  including equipment used on fixed offshore platforms in petrochemical plants, mines and other areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present.The European market for such equipment is estimated at 3 Billion euros per year.
Safety is essential – With this phrase, we want to say that explosion proof protection is not a question of statistics or half hearted solutions but 100% safety must be guaranteed, because „only a little Ex protection“ is not possible!
Explosion proof means taking responsibility. People have confidence in us as the Ex protection specialists and in you as consultants, installers and contractors. All products are therefore PTB certified, approved by and produced according to the very latest standards and regulations. According to type and kind of protection, our products are suitable for operating in Ex areas, zones 0, 1, 2, 21 and 22, including gases, vapours, mists and dust.


•    Ex-proof Plugs and Sockets
•    Ex-proof J-Boxes - Boxes - Distribution Boxes
•    Ex-proof Floodlights
•    Ex-proof Globe Type Lighting Fixtures
•    Ex-proof Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
•    Ex-proof Control Units
•    Ex-proof J-Box - GUB - Distriuton Borads
•    Ex-proof Socket and Outlets
•    Ex-proof Plumbing Supplies
•    Ex-proof Grounding Control Devices
•    Capri
•    Cortem
•    Hawke
•    Killark, ABD
•    Cable Transit Systems
•    Marine & Industrial Lighting
•    Palazzoli
•    Conduit Fittings
•    Flexible Conduits

Lighting Equipment

• Application of Illumination System: Industry Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Emergency and Security Lighting, Entertainment and Stage Lighting, Office, Advertising and Exhibition Lighting, Outdoor Lighting.
• Electric Light Source: Fluorescent Lamps, Energy Saving Lamps, Incandescent Lamps, Neon Lamps, Neon Lights, Iodine Tungsten Lamps, Magnesian Lamps, Bromine Tungsten Lamps
• Light Fittings: Lamp Shades, Lamp Posts, Optical fiber, Lamp Plates, Lamp Holders, Lamp Caps, Ballasts, Voltage Stabilizers, Voltage Transformers, Starters, Adapters, Converters, Sensors.