Immersion suit

Yangın Önlem , Kurtarma Ekipmanları

FRS is vital for a ship's operation and is a priority area at Centrasia Marine & Offshore Supply. We provide a full range of quality FRS products, 
in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations, including SOLAS and EC/MED.

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To see our various FRS equipments


  • Safety signs and LLL (Low Location Lighting

  • Fire fighting system and extinguishers 

  • Pyrotechnical equipment

  • Breathing air (BA)compressor

  • BA-sets, and escape set 

  • Fire fighting equipment

  • Fireman's equipment 

  • Lifesaving equipment

  • Safety equipment

  • Immersion Suit

  • Lights: lifebuoy and lifejackets

  • Personal rescue equipment

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • All types of GRP lockers and boxes

  • Fire hose canvas breaded, tetron hose

  • Gas detection equipment and system

  • Protective clothing  

  • Lifebuoys, lights, fire proof life line, Fire Axe, Fireman’s Suit, blankets, heat, smoke detectors

  • Portable fire extinguishers, TPA, immersion suit, AFFF compound, Breathing apparatus.